Travel Playlists on Spotify

  Click here for playlists A few travel play lists for your different experiences whilst exploring. One generic hostel rock play list for keeping everyone happy while chilling in your temporary home. Another to listen to as you take those long bus and train journeys, designed to relax and enchant you. Finally, a collection of... Continue Reading →

The Life and Struggles Of A Digital Nomad

By Adam Fisher (the nomad’s boyfriend) Traveling and working sounds like the perfect dream. Sitting on the beach with your laptop and cocktail, whinnying the world away and banking cash. The reality is far from serene. Late nights working to European time zones. The endless quest for good WI-FI. Building your schedule around your travel... Continue Reading →


After reading my friends new book, Malaysia's Canvas by James Springer, we decided to share the pictures from the engaging art scene of Penang. We already wrote a blog about Penang, but decided to share a gallery of pictures from our art tour around this magical island.          

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If you are following us on social media, you might notice that we have set off on our permanent travel life. We are really excited about this and so far so good. But we have the feeling that we cant share everything with you as we want to. There is so much going on and... Continue Reading →

Photography: the street art of Bologna

After spending two weeks at Lake Garda with my family, we went to Milan to meet a friend. We had 3 days together, and we all wanted to see a bit more than only Milan. Since we were planning going to Florence after, we chose a city in between. Bologna it was. What a city,... Continue Reading →

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