Photography: the street art of Bologna

After spending two weeks at Lake Garda with my family, we went to Milan to meet a friend. We had 3 days together, and we all wanted to see a bit more than only Milan. Since we were planning going to Florence after, we chose a city in between. Bologna it was. What a city,... Continue Reading →

Florence, the quest for authenticity.

      From the Cathedral to the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence has the architecture. From the Uffizi Gallery to the Ponte Vecchio, Florence has the beauty. From Michelangelo to Dante, Florence has the history. All these things make Florence a must see on anyone’s list, but we didn’t really connect. Florence, and more importantly Tuscany,... Continue Reading →

Adams Diary #3: Prague To Rome To Cyprus, A Step In The Right Direction

  1. Prague Setting off to Prague, as always, without a plan. We descended upon the city of Prague with three weeks ahead and no idea where to go, straight from visiting my family and friends in England. The usual sightseeing and such took place upon arrival, but the square with a few beers at... Continue Reading →

Travelling without purpose

Sometimes its clear where you want to be and what you want to do. Bali, for instance, has so much to offer that you would be hard pressed to not have an idea what your adventure will contain. Similarly, you would make a difficult choice to miss out Bali on any Indonesian trip. When we... Continue Reading →

Malmo, because Copenhagen was too expensive.

  Arriving home in Holland from work, Senna surprised me with yet another ticket purchase, this time to Copenhagen. Problems arose when we discovered the prices for hostels that had soared for the weekend due to the different festivals held at that time and a world science event. We decided to take the train straight to Malmo for... Continue Reading →

Flip the Trip, Canal Capsize

A Journey of Two Tales   My birthday was shrouded in veiled mystery. Senna had organized a night away for us both and I had no idea what, where and how we were celebrating. To start with, Senna has a fantastic eye for trips, adventures and surprises. I knew two things, one was that we... Continue Reading →

Bustling Berlin, The pulse of Western Europe

Off to Berlin in a different fashion, this time, by car. It’s around a 6-hour drive from Eindhoven unless, like us, you hit tremendous amounts of traffic. At least it gave Senna a period of rest before the Berlin marathon, which was the reason for our trip. Eventually arriving near Alexander Platz, we disembarked from our free family vehicle and... Continue Reading →

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