Travelling without purpose

Sometimes its clear where you want to be and what you want to do. Bali, for instance, has so much to offer that you would be hard pressed to not have an idea what your adventure will contain. Similarly, you would make a difficult choice to miss out Bali on any Indonesian trip. When we travelled to the Balkans we had no plan whatsoever. We will, in June, do the same again. We land in Prague, after I visit my family back in England, without a plan at all. I much prefer this way of travelling, it gives me a sense of adventure and surprise. Senna prefers to plan a little more and know roughly what we will be doing to ensure we have a great time. There are plus and minus points to both these situations. I would love to be able to just leave forever and wander the earth for years, but my partner requires a few certainties and comforts that I imagine most of us desire. That is why we choose hostels over street corners and street food over jungle hunting.

 If I had the ability to survive in any wilderness I believe that would give you a peace and achievement that no regular life could ever attain. But before I disappear, covering front page news of my local paper as the idiot who went missing in the outback, perhaps this one step at a time, wandering around will suffice. From Prague there are two main options, Poland and Germany. To the south, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Perhaps the dice roll at the train station is the best option. After meeting Jeremy, the last of the true drifters, I like the idea of the freedom to wander around aimlessly, getting into tight spots and really surviving on wits and kindness. The world is getting smaller by the day and I wonder if our way of life will be as easy to live as it is now. 

I can find work almost anywhere in Europe until Brexit. Senna can work in any Dutch colony as she pleases, Curacao to name but one wonderful spot. In Sweden you can go into the wilderness as you please and camp as you like if you respect the nature. This is not the case in England. If you are thinking of travelling, long or short, there may be a finite time to enjoy it the way you like to before big business and government stipulations change the rules. We are considering saving for a campervan, but would this be a good investment if certain countries decide to restrict wild camping. You can always travel using workaway and therefore never pay for accommodation and hitchhike around, but the Americas and Australia require money for flights. Teaching English and Dutch, or whatever language you speak, is a possibility but there are technologies currently in production that will automatically translate all languages through an earpiece. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Your known wherever you are, privacy is almost nonexistent. The world is getting smaller, its time to explore it. You may not get another chance. 



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