Malmo, because Copenhagen was too expensive.


Arriving home in Holland from work, Senna surprised me with yet another ticket purchase, this time to Copenhagen. Problems arose when we discovered the prices for hostels that had soared for the weekend due to the different festivals held at that time and a world science event. We decided to take the train straight to Malmo for around 7 euros each, a place we could afford slightly easier. Both Denmark and Sweden are rather expensive countries, but bread and is still cheap at the shop, and all parks and areas are free to roam. We stayed in the rut and Ragnar, the cheapest hostel available, which was cozy and had curtains on the beds for privacy. The average age of the guests was around 55, a change to what we are usually used to, but it created quite a peaceful stay. We spent most of our days either at the beach, Senna’s favorite pastime, or at the many different parks, each individually stunning and charming. There is a real lack of the usual city feel you get in most places and you are never very far away from nature.

Our hearts and wallets opened to Malmo pretty quickly, more so after a family came to ask if they could join us in a game of Kubb. This basic wooden throwing game can extend to many players and is an ideal way to make friends and have some fun in the sunshine, so much so that we decided to bring one back for ourselves. We could only afford one beer each evening which we purchased inside the Irish bar, the Dubliner, which sold a mean pint of Innis and Gunn. From the Lilla Torg cobbled street to the main castle, Malmo is full of charm and relaxed atmosphere. We decided to rent bikes and travel to a local village following the beach side as far as we could. This cost us 8 euros for 24 hours and they were possible the worst bikes we have ever ridden which made for an interesting few hours. Arriving in Lund we found the botanical garden which was more than tranquil. As Senna wrote by the pond in the sunshine, I went to explore more and after buying a cooked chicken for a homeless refugee, was directed to the university. Lund university must have been used in a movie by now I am sure. The main building is a spectacle to behold. Senna was rather jealous upon my return.


Our final day was spent in Copenhagen, but I do not feel like we experienced enough to give me the right to write about it so I will finish with this . . . the beer was very expensive





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