A Train to Nowhere #2: Rhenen – Wageningen – Arnhem

We set off in the hope that this train to nowhere would work out as good as the last one did. So, we arrived at Utrecht station, with our dice, and rolled to find our platform and pending destination. First roll takes us to a little village named Rhenen. This is a final stop, but you can get off the train, and I imagine, take smaller routes to a few different villages. Upon arrival we set off towards what looked like the most built up. We arrived in a little center and stopped for a drink in Van Toor. Looking up things to do on good old Google, we quickly realize that our first destination was not quite enough for us as there was a large park to walk through, but it was extremely cold and wet, and not much else. We decided to walk from this bakery to Wageningen.

A palm tree in Holland! 

On the way to Wageningen we came across a famous war cemetery and small museum, demonstrating the final stand of some brave soldiers and their captain in the second world war. The Battle of the Grebbeberg took the lives of 800 men, and the cemetery and accompanying museum show this very well, although it is all in Dutch, in case you don’t speak it. Afterwards, we continued our walk to Wageningen, through the trees and lovely scenery. If you are in the area, its worth a visit to Le Perron, a small sandwich shop/ eatery to satiate your hunger. We then travelled through the bars in the square, where a market was taking place. Drinking from a horn a nice La Corne, and sampling the cheese stalls, we managed to see as much as we felt necessary before moving on. So, to the station for another roll in the late afternoon.


On the way to Wageningen

Arnhem is a city, the capital of the province of Gelderland, with many parks and museums, but sadly we arrived too late to be able to enjoy them. So, inevitably, we went to the pub. We found one hell of a place named the Taphuys. The concept is simple, you purchase a card and load it with money. The entire bar is surrounded by Ipads with beer taps next to them. On the Ipads you will find explanations of one of the hundred beers on offer. You simply present your card and pour a beer. The prices are standard, but you get charged by the cl. If you want to, as we did, you can just sample as many beers as your stomach can handle, before passing out in a pile of free peanuts, which carpet the entire floor. We had cheesecake beer, mint beers, and a whole plethora of dark, light and stout ales. We spent the rest of our evening here, and it was the highlight of our rocky and less than eventful train to nowhere. If your ever in or around Arnhem, please, check this place out.

The tap house in Arnhem. Definitely worth visiting.At the end, it was a good Train to Nowhere.

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