Escape from the tourism at the Garda Lake

We love the Garda Lake. It is breath taking, the people are kind and we feel more than welcome everywhere we go. It is perfect for people who love to walk, hike and cycle but it is also perfect for your ‘lazy holiday’. We can’t blame all of Europe that come to this wonderful place, but you want some culture as well.

Since I came to the Garda Lake when I was a child every year, sometimes twice a year, I can’t say anything bad about it. It feels like my summer home. Despite that I noticed that it is becoming more touristic every year. Nowadays it’s more usual to bump into German and Dutch people than Italian. Nothing wrong with that, but be honest, you also want to discover a new culture and everything that comes with that. You are not going to Italy to walk into your hometown neighbours while you’re enjoying your scroppino and watching the orange sunglow disappearing into the simmering water. At the beginning it was bothering me a bit, but I decided to embrace it and keep on seeing the beauty of this place.

Sleeping between the wine grapes

My sister told me about this amazing vineyard in the middle of nowhere, so that is how we discovered it. It is the most beautiful place I saw in this area, and it is even possible to sleep between the grapes! How cool would that be?! We did not sleep there yet but we will definitely do soon. This vineyard is located 4 km outside of Lazise. It is so quiet and a perfect place to come to your self and escape outside of the hustle and bustle of the touristic villages around the Lake.

Despite a vineyard it is also a farmhouse from a family called ‘Jucker’. Every Wednesday it is Lasagne day. Join this lovely family with their home cooked lasagne and sit all together on one table. If you want to have something else, there is a ‘normal’ restaurant as well which you can join every day. There is a little swimming pool (with an amazing view), a field to play some football and a little play garden. Around it there a many places to sit down on a rock and get lost in the view over Lazise with the best homemade Sangiovese you tasted.




Walk from Lazise to Peschiera Del Garda

We went to Lazise for a day. Lazise is a nice cosy small place. You have to enter an archway before you are in the city centre of this place. Even nowadays this castle gives you still a middle-aged character. When you entered this city and after a few meters of walk straight you will find the 12th century descending church. It is a romantic place. Take a seat at a bar next to the water, and get drawn in the lovely Italian special beers. We went to Vela Bianca which is on the main road next to the water. This is not a special bar but it has lovely Italian special beers en the view to the water is priceless.

After a few beers we decided that it was a good idea to walk back to the city centre of Peschiera where my parents where. It took us 3,5 hours, but it was an amazing walk. We crossed some hipster bars in between where we stayed for a bit to have a drink. When you walk it straight it will only take 2 hours max. The way is only straight so it is not hard. When you want to go from Lazise to Peschiera (or anywhere more to the south) walk or go by bicycle.


Don’t let the tourism hold you back, there is a reason it is so popular. Try to embrace it and discover those cute little places next to this lake. We booked a ticket back already, because we want to see more.






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