Who are we?

Welcome to beers and backpackers. We are budding travellers, questing to discover the beauty of the earth, and all the beers we can drink on the way. Mixing rolling hills with creamy ales, babbling brooks with bubbling beers, we intend to explore, share and discover all the secrets of contentment this wonderful world has to offer. Please feel free to come along with us on what will be our everlasting adventure.

Do you want to contact us? Send an email to: sennaslangen@outlook.com or send us a private message at Facebook

From Senna’s perspective:


I like to explore new places; meet people from everywhere, learn about other cultures and think about the role of the media in every country. Put me next to a river or a sea and I can think of those things for hours. I studied Communication and Information sciences and needed a break. I went to Rome. Sitting down with a bottle of wine, next to the river, sitting writing and thinking, in my favourite neighbourhood Trastevere. Wandering in my thoughts and ‘finding myself’, as it was, I dozily walked into the path of a bus and in my avoidance jump I broke my shoulder. So that was the end of university for me. What was I am going to do now? My life plan failed.

So after half a year, when my shoulder was okay and I saved some money, I booked a ticket to Bangkok instead of going back to University. I did not want to go to Thailand, I really wanted to go to Malaysia. I did not know why, it was just a feeling. Well, after five days Bangkok I booked a train ride to Penang, Malaysia. I found a hostel where I could work for free accommodation. The manager of the hostel looked a little bit weird to me, smoking a weird machine, had some weird tattoos on his tiny arms and his first question was (with the kind of Yorkshire accent I could hardly understand) if I wanted a beer, not even my name or where I came from, which I discovered is the most common opening sentence when you are travelling. I did not know what to think, but a beer is always a good start when you meet new people. After a week of working I noticed this is just the way he is. Honest and straight. We became friends, and after a Jenga game and a few nights out we discovered this is more than friends. He is the most friendly, sweet and harmful man I have ever known in my life. I went away for a week to an uninhabited island, and there I realized I would never find a man like this anymore. So I changed my travel plans and stayed in Penang with Adam for 4 months. Saying goodbye was hard until he rang me up to tell me that he booked a ticket to Holland. Which was the best thing I could imagine to happen and he is, still every day, making me the happiest girl on this planet. Today you can still find me next to a river writing and thinking, but from now on I will have the company from a bald English man and a bottle of beer.

From Adam’s perspective

After six months in Malaysia, arduously working, a certain woman walked into my life. Until this point my entire plan, the full scope of it, was to travel whilst partying, with no care or real plan to speak of. I had left England on a whim, in search of adventure and a break from my moronically lifestyle to embark upon a new one. Having recently become manager of the Angmoh hostel in Penang, with frequent trips to Indonesia and Thailand (visa renewal trips), we had grown enough in order to require work away help. For those who are unaware, work away is a website where, for around five hours a day five days a week, you receive free food and accommodation, a cheap and fulfilling way to travel. Senna was one of two of our first work away personnel. After maybe one week, we had become friends. This certain evening after a few games of drinking Jenga, we found ourselves and some other guests in a bar, on the aptly named love lane. Now I would like to start by stating that I have proof from detailed explanations of the people with us that night, that Senna just exclaimed, out of the blue, “I just really want to kiss you right now”. Of course, being the decent gentleman I am, I obliged. The coming weeks brought us closer together, and Senna then changed her extensive travel plans, also missing a return flight home tho the Netherlands, to stay with me in Penang. On February the 18th, after a short getaway in the Cameron highlands, we had to separate. Our plan was to keep in contact until we could reconnect in October the same year. This, we soon discovered, would be far too long to endure, so, yet again, as the decent gentleman aforementioned, I decided to up sticks and move to join her in her home country. This although, on the proviso that we would save to continue traveling the world. So in July, we came back together again, and it was as if we had never separated. It was by far and wide, the best decision I made. Because although traveling is an experience I never want to let go of, what’s the use without someone to share it with. 

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